Saturday, December 31, 2011

in 2011,

many unforgettable and great memories happened,
there were the good ones and the bad ones.

Highlights were:

went Boston for 5 weeks summer immersion with Wheelock Cohort 4,

Red Sox,
Newbury Street,
Dunking Donuts,
Blue Man,
Downtown crossing,

& the list goes on and on. . .

it was the first time i became really independent on my own, and i made it.

went on short holiday trips with loved ones. <3

baby cousin was born 1 day after my birthday,
and whats left was school, crashing for assignments, working, meet-up with gfs.

and i hope for a Better 2012 !

I hope that :

- stay happy and healthy
- More luck

- Good r/s with colleagues
- More positive thoughts

- <3 mi more (i wlll <3 you more too)
- find his goal

Family members
- Be healthy (health is the most impt wish that i could ever wish for them)
- Dont worry and be happy

- Strike 4D !

Lovely gfs
- Get good grades
- Clear all modules in XXX
- Be happy always :)
- Lesser KPop stuffs (these things are occupying too much of their brain)

Finally, MYwishes
- remaining semester be enjoyable and memorable.
- more discipline and time management (always struggling) :(
- find a suitable and great job after grad
- I hope that i will not lose contacts with degree classmates after grad.
- Grow more hair on my head, pls!
- Eat lesser, lose more weight!
- be more understanding and patient to b and my loved ones ^^

Happy New Year!

SHALL be a Great Year :D
so cheerios!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

here ii am.
like finally.

1st sem of uni almost cleared soon.
BYE. assignments.
but ii will miss flooding emails to project mates. :)

celebrated dearest ah li bday ystd at holland.
babyy was best. work and serve and play with us at the same time.
bet ah li was shocked by all our surprises!

andd slackedd with b .
moodless. cos my pouch went missing back then.
ignore him.

ii think babyy is always trying his very best to make me feel love.
to the extent that i always bully him.

ii will think of ways to be the sweet gf la.
trying. ~ ~ ~

andd .

Monday, August 02, 2010

Embarked on a new phase of journey.
6weeks into wheelock went by like phew!
amazing project group mates: MelMel, Deb, Hazel nd Ying!
the 5 of us managed to survive tgt.

ii seriously like the way the role the 5 of us played throughout the 6 weeks.
it used to be : THANK GOD, ITS FRIDAY,
but now it should be: THANK GOD, ITS OVER!

but seriously
ii miss them .
my grp mates,

in them,
ii really saw
strong commitment,

strong passion,
strong interest,
never-ending effort,
same goal.

in making a difference in children's lives!

Symposium was AWESOME,
Drama performance was AWESOMEx2
It was just a perfect fullstop for the beginning.
ii am sure, that this 2 years with Wheelock is gonna shape and equip me for my future career :D

it aint gonna be easy,
but ii know ii can overcome them one after another. :)


Friday, May 21, 2010

One month liao.
too busyy , no time for updates.

as usual,
busy wiith studying for FTT, driving, working, acc-inng babyy, best fren...

kind of unhealthy lifestyle for the past few weeks,
drink drank drunk.
late nights.
kind of addictive when one is troubled, you see.

ii m glad that ii felt better after everything.
just when ii thought things would be better,

everything went wrong, hay-wire again.
idk what are the plans he have for me,
was told not to look back.

best fren hinted me, maybe we should go back.
go back to where we came fromm ndd serve the children ministry.
still thinking.

wil be back soon with more.

be patient,
wont ya?

GLT wanna go tour ard the world,
every single corner, to see the different views of life.
GLT wanna play, relax and enjoy the beauty of life.

Monday, April 26, 2010

pigg b is still sleeping, ii guess.
still say will wake up.

GLT been busy with preparation of the partyy .
ii m proud of myself.
see ya at the partyy .

on thhe other hand,
ii think ii need to find more time to STUDYY FTT laaa....
ii will.
ii will.
ii will.
ii m curious to know what best friend have got for me for myy bdayy,
ii m curious to know what will happen on that day,
ii m curious to know what special surprises will there be.
ii cant wait..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

25th April,

GLT had her first driving lesson.
with best friend.

ii swear the initial moments while waiting was nerve-breaking.
for me la.

next thing, ii knew, ii sat beside the instructor, Sam.
luckily, he was super patient and soft-spoken.
it kinda kind of liike calm my nervous--ness.

lesson was 100 minutes,
60 minutes later, ii was taught how to drive the car.
forward and reverse,
nd ard the circuit.
wheee~ stepping the right amount of the accelerator, the brake, and turning ard bends.
challenging yet fun!

handbrake decided to make things tough for me,
no matter how hard i press the button,
it just wont go down. =.='''
heng~ he helped me eh. nd the third time, ii sort of know how to release handbrake.

Instructor Sam gave me this green apple.
it was kinda random thing,
iit still made my first driving lesson happier. :)))

as for now, ii think he's like the best instructor,
i even have that thought of wanting him to be my fixed instructor.
but cant.

still, an interesting drivingexperience afterall. :D
ii believed lesson #2 would be even better.
nd ii cant wait.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

work have been busyy.


had made my work life as challenging andd tiring for the last week.
this week,
ii pray that they will be better, at least tone down a little little biit.
just a little will do.

no time to study for FTT, or do other stuff,
cos too tired and no energyy left after work every day.

think gonna get some chicken essence SOOOONNNN..


Thursday, April 01, 2010

so so not feeling welll.
working life have been so far so good.

on the contrary,
have ii been greedy ?
or too ....?
or too.....
forget it.

stomachh kinda upset today.
its like NOT WELL.
idk whyy.

ii cant feel certain things that ii needed like most NOW from u.

NONE. boo.
yet is them. amazinglyyy~
is those old kakis.
forever always so good.

sleep now.
or maybe thats the way it should be.

wordss left unspoken.

dont like u.
dont like u.
really dont like u!!!

why so so so different?

dont bother.

on a random-errr note:

~not yet been fooled or trickedd by anybodyy yet.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

afterr discussion wiith family,
decidedd to go ahead with the intial plans.
Chalet for 21st bdayy .
friends ndd relatives.

no more "special" place.
never miind.

that weekendd is super peak period,
thats y the chalet rate for 3 days 2 night is like OMG.
but still.
neverr mind.


dont habve to crackk urr dear head for the present.
cos there arre many things that ii need.

no teddyy bears or any soft toys pls.
ii have a lot of teddy bears alrdyy.

so NOONOOO teddyy bears or any soft toys!


dont get SHOCKEDD by the list of things ii listed here!!!

1. Ipod touch

2. The instant kawayii fujii camera
(ehh. the type wher one can get the photo instantly from the camera)

3. Backkpackk - NUM, Addidas.....

thats all for now.~

any kinnd ndd sweet soul ?!

Friday, March 26, 2010


wentt for e-trial test for BTT in preparation for this mondayy BTT test.
hope that ii will do well *griins*

ndd eli-tann acc me to sch to do some stuffs.
lunch-edd nd off to town.

watched the movie: When In Rome.
movie not badd.
boughtt this witth eli-tann.
Symbolizes our strong-never-ending friendshiipp. :DDD

II guess the time ii spent with e-li-tan is more than b.

idk why everytime when e-li-tan andd ii go out,
ii will always have many suggestion of programmes for us to do,
or plan and decide interesting upcoming activities for us to be DONE.

but ...

its not the same.
enjoyyedd HERR accompany and presence!
its like backk to those days.
meet upp every week.
do crazyy nd silly things tgt.
complain this and complain that to her,
never get angry or quarrel with one another.
shares ALLsecretS

MY life now= Work, BTT, B, E-li-tan and gfs.

Thats all!~